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Memoir Writing

There are many reasons people choose to write memoir, ranging from nostalgia to revenge to exploration of self. All are legitimate and all are often steps in the process. Perhaps more than any other genre of writing, memoir takes the writer on a journey. Sometimes it is more about what you need to write- before it’s about what is best for the Story. This class will allow for all those stages and more, help narrow the story you need to tell, and find the right voice to tell it in.


Just for Teens   (13-18 years old)

In a safe environment teens will work with some of the basic tenets of fictional and creative writing. Finding voice, forming a story arc, creating consistent and believable characters, POV, and revision are all part of this workshop.  This workshop is for teenagers who love to write, experiment and don’t want to be judged or graded. Writing is an art and this is a place to rediscover that.


Creative Writing for Kids (9-12 years old)
By engaging in “writing activites” throughout this six-week program children will touch on all aspects of creative writing, such as character development, dialogue, description, and voice. Each week students will be introduced to another game, examples from familiar literature, and engage in a group exercise. In addition, each session will end with time  for individual work and as well as constructive peer “sharing.”
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